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Helsingor Meeting 2017

Meeting Presentations

Is it possible to define a Threshold of Concern for Allergic Sensitisation?
Charlotte Madsen | Download

The Threshold of Toxicological Concern; a Perspective also Applicable to Allergenicity?
Geert Houben | Download

Immunoproteomics Characterization of Allergenic and Non-Allergenic Tropomyosin Orthologs
Cristian Piras | Download

New Developments for the Allergenicity Assessment of GM Plants
Antonio Fernandez | Download

Host-Microbe Interaction in the Gut
Maria Rescigno | Download

Detection of Soy (Glycine Max) Allergens in Model Processed Foods and Commercial Foods by Immunoassay: Influence of Selected Target Protein and ELISA Format Applied
Isabel Segura | Download

Unique Factors between Mice with Different Clinical Manifestations of Food Allergy Determine Mast Cell Response to Allergen Oral Immunotherapy
Sara Benedé, M. Cecilia Berin | Download

Peptide Fingerprints in Food Allergens
Ivan Dimitrov, Irini Doytchinova | Download

Have EAT & LEAP Left Us any Clearer as to How We Should Introduce Allergenic Foods to Infants in Real Life?
Michael Perkin | Download

Investigation of Clinical and Immunological Reactivities of the Major Fish Allergens Parvalbumins
Tanja Kalić | Download

In Vitro Digestibility Tests in Allergenicity Risk Assessment of Newly Expressed Proteins in GMO’s
E. N. Clare Mills | Download

If Zero Risk Is Impossible, What Risk Is “Acceptable”?
Jonathan Hourihane/em> | Download

Comparison of the Digestibility and Antigenicity of Raw and Roasted Whole Peanut Allergens
Luigia di Stadio | Download

Detecting Allergens in Processed Foods: The Development of a Multi-Allergen LC-MS/MS Method for Baked Goods
Christof Van Poucke | Download

Food Allergy Skin Sensitization: A Comparative Study with Three Different Gluten Products in Brown Norway Rats
Laure Castan | Download

Combined Exposure of Intestinal Epithelial Cells to Dietary Oligosaccharide Mixture scFOS/lcFOS and CpG DNA Effectively Enhances the Th1 and Regulatory IL-10 Response in a Peanut-Specific Co-Culture Model
S.M. Hayen | Download

Prediction of Food Protein Allergenicity Using the GARD Assay
Robin Gradin | Download