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ImPARAS IMPACT Publication | Download



Applicability of Epithelial Models in Protein Permeability/Transport Studies and Food Allergy
N. Cubells-Baeza, K.C.M. Verhoeckx, C. Larre, S. Denery-Papini, M. Gavrovic-Jankulovic, A. Diaz Perales| Download

Current Challenges Facing the Assessment of the Allergenic Capacity of Food Allergens in Animal Models
K. Bøgh, J. Bilsen, R. Głogowski, I. López‐Expósito, G. Bouchaud, C. Blanchard, M. Bodinier, J. Smit, R. Pieters, S. Bastiaan‐Net, N. de Wit, E. Untersmayr, K. Adel‐Patient, L. Knippels, M. Epstein, M. Noti, U. Nygaard, I. Kimber, K. Verhoeckx and L. O’Mahony| Download

Effect of Malondialdehyde on the Ovalbumin Structure and Its Interactions with T84 Epithelial Cells 
J. Nikolić, A. Nešić, M. Čavić, N. Đorđević, U. Anđelković, M. Atanasković-Marković, B. Drakulić, M. Gavrović-Jankulović | Download

Epithelial Models to Study Food Allergen Induced Barrier Disruption and Immune Activation
Marija Gavrovic-Jankulovic, Linette E.M. Willemsen | Download

Experimental Food Allergy Models to Study the Role of Innate Immune Cells as Initiators of Allergen Specific Th2 Immune Responses
Maryam Hussain, Michelle M. Epstein, Mario Noti | Download

IgE – The Main Player of Food Allergy
Henrike C.H. Broekman, Thomas Eiwegger, Julia Upton, Katrine L. Bøgh | Download

Influence of Microbiome and Diet on Immune Responses in Food Allergy Models
Weronika Barcik, Eva Untersmayr, Isabella Pali-Scholl, Liam O’Mahony, Remo Frei | Download

In Silico Tools for Exploring Potential Human Allergy to Proteins
Maria Hayes, Pierre Rouge, Annick Barre, Corinne Herouet-Guicheney, Erwin L. Roggen | Download

Non-IgE Mediated Food Allergy
Daniel Lozano-Ojalvo, Guillaume Lezmi, Naima Cortes-Perez, Karine Adel-Patient | Download

Static and Dynamic In Vitro Digestion Models to Study Proteins Stability in the Gastrointestinal Tract
Didier Dupont, Alan R. Mackie | Download

The Use of Animal Models to Discover Immunological Mechanisms Underpinning Sensitization to Food Allergens
Joost J. Smit, Mario Noti, Liam O’Mahony | Download



Allergenic Risk Evaluation of GMO-Crops: Allergic Sensitization
Lars K. Poulsen | Download

Allergenicity Assessment
Antonio Fernandez Dumont | Download

Antibody-Independent Detection of Bovine β-Lactoglobulin Derived Peptides in Human Milk
Gianluca Picariello | Download

Association between Main Food Allergens and HLA-DRB1/DQ Polymorphism: A Bioinformatic Approach
Ivan Dimitrov | Download

Goat’s Milk Allergy: When Highly Homologous Proteins Are Not Cross-Reactive!
Stéphane Hazebrouck | Download

Ice Structuring Protein (ISP) Type III HPLC 12 Preparation: A Case Study in Allergenicity Risk Assessment
René Crevel ! Download

Immunomodulatory Effects of Egg White Hydrolysates Obtained at Atmospheric and High Hyrostatic Pressure
Diego Morales, Daniel Lozano-Ojalvo, Elena Molina and Rosina López-Fandiño | Download

Predicting the Sensitizing Potency of Food Proteins by Combining an In Vitro and an In Vivo Model
Jolanda van Bilsen | Download

Scaling of Foods and Food Proteins Acccording to Allergenicity – A Risk Analysis Perspective
Geert Houben | Download

Outcome and Update on the Sens-it-tiv Project – In Vitro Assessment of the Sensitization Potential of Proteins
Erwin Roggin | Download

Tracing Nut Allergens Using the Novel Single-Tube NestedReal-Time PCR Approach as Affected by Thermal Processing
J. Costa, M.B.P.P. Oliveira, I. Mafra | Download


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