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Porto Meeting 2017

Meeting Presentations

Porto 2017 Meeting Opening Presentation
Kitty Verhoeckx, | Download

Defining the Targets for the Assessment of IgE-mediated Allergenicity of New Food Proteins and Protein Sources
Geert Houben | Download

Identification of Potential Tools for Food Sensitization Testing and Assessment
Daniel Lozano-Ojalvo | Download

The Use of Protein Extracts from Insects and Their Potential Use as a Pure Ingredients for Different Food Application
Petra Zrimšek | Download

Introduction on Digestion and Allergenicity Assessment
Kitty Verhoeckx, | Download

WG2 Presentation
Erwin Roggen | Download

WG3 In Vivo Methods to Predict Sensitisation

Porto 2017 Meeting Closing Presentation
Kitty Verhoeckx, | Download

3rd ImpARAS Conference Presentation
Jolanda van Bilsen | Download



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