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2nd International Conference – Warsaw 2016

Conference Presentations

Allergenicity Assessment of Genetically Modified Plants
R. Fernández Cantón, K. Glenn, A. Salamini | Download

Assessing Hazelnut Allergens in Model Chocolates by Sandwich Elisa-System as Affected by Matrix
J. Costa, P. Ansari, B. Oliveira, I. Mafra, S. Baumgartner | Download

Assessment of the Residual Allergenicity of Egg White Protein Hydrolysates by Reverse Enzyme Allegro-Sorbent Test
D. Lozano-Ojalvo | Download

Development of a Tiered Risk Assessment Approach for Unintended Allergen Presence
A. Kruizinga | Download

Effects of Maillard Reaction on Immunogenicity of ß-lactoglobulin
M. Perusko | Download

Effect of House Dust Mite Allergen on Airway Epithelial Barrier Function
I. Heijink | Download

Effect of Processing and Protein Material on the Performance of a Normalised Real-Time PCR Approach
to Quantify Soybean as a Potential Hidden Allergen in Foods

J. Costa, J. Amaral, L. Grazina, B. Oliveira, I. Mafra | Download

Establishing Methods to Evaluate Intestinal Uptake of Food Proteins
K. Graversen | Download

Impact of Processing on Physicochemical Characteristics and Digestive Proteolysis of Insect Flours
U. Lesmes | Download

Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Olsztyn
B. Wróblewska | Download

Role of Gastric Digestion in Food Allergies
E. Untersmayr | Download

Role of Intestine Microbiota in Allergy Development
B. Cukrowska | Download


MC Minutes

MC Minutes September 2016 – FINAL | Download

WG Minutes

WG Minutes September 2016 – FINAL | Download

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