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4th ImpARAS Conference

Naples,  19-21 June 2018


Day 1 Presentations

Naples Conference Opening Presentation
Kitty Verhoeckx| Download

Keynote Lecture: Immune Profiling of Pediatric Food Allergic Cohorts
Cecilia Berin| Download

Egg Proteins Induce Adjuvant- Independent Oral Sensitization and the Mixture of Egg White and Egg Yolk Enhances T cell Responses in BALB/C Mice
Mónica Martínez Blanco| Download

Deamidated Gliadins Exacerbate Food Allergies through Early Sensitization
Clelia Villemin| Download

Purification of Different LTPs and Investigation of Their Behaviour in an In vitro Gastrointestinal Digestion Experiment
Eszter Schall| Download

Digestomics of Walnut and Its Allergenic nsLTPs Reveals Their Resistance to Gastric Digestion
Ivana Prodić| Download

Novel Insights into the Allergenic Relationship between Red Meat and Cow’s Milk
Marija Perusko| Download

Ying Deng Short Term Scientific Mission
Ying Deng| Download


Day 2 Presentations

Keynote Lecture: Gut Microbiome as Potential Target for Food Allergy Treatment
Roberto Berni Canani| Download

Bioinformatics Tool for Sensitization and Cross-Reactivity Assessment of Proteins
Ivan Dimitrov and Irini Doytchinova| Download

Understanding Real Risks and Management of Food Allergy and Celiac Disease
Richard Goodman| Download

Determinants of Severity: Predicting Life-Threatening Anaphylaxis Reactions
Paul Turner| Download

Managing Allergenic Risks at the Industrial Level: Egg Protein Residues in Pasta
Mauro Marengo| Download

PDL2+ CD11b+ Dermal Dendritic Cells Capture Topical Antigen through Hair Follicles to Prime LAP+ Regulatory T Cells
Daniel Lozano-Ojalvo| Download

Epitopes in Sensitisation and in Elicitation: the Impact of Food Processing
Harry Wichers| Download


Day 3 Presentations

Seeing the unseen: A Perspective on Building Scientific Evidence in Non-IGE Mediated Food Allery
Lucien Harthoorn| Download

Effect of Technological Treatments on Immunoreactivity and Allergenicity of the Allergenic Protein Pru p 3 from Peach
Ana Pilar Tobajas| Download

Deactivation of Allergens in Some Foods Using Ultrasound
Hulya Ilyasoglu Buyukkestelli| Download

WG 1: Achievements: current status and ongoing activities
Working Group 1| Download

WG 2: Status and Plans
Working Group 2| Download

WG 3: The Past and the Future
Working Group 3| Download

WG 4: Risk assessment of Novel ProteinsFunctional Analysis of Proteins and Peptides
Working Group 4| Download