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Improving Allergy Risk Assessment Strategy for new food proteins (ImpARAS)


2nd Training School

29 November to 1 December 2017


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ESRs will be trained on gel-based and MS-based proteomic methods enabling the study of the physico-chemical properties of allergens

• Basics of mass spectrometry and gel-based proteomics
• Advanced techniques including de novo sequencing, post translation modifications analysis, crosslinking MS, ion mobility mass spectrometry, absolute quantitation assay, MALDI imaging

• Entire protein mass determination analysis
• Optimized protein digestion experiment and LC-MSMS analysis for full PTMs and protein sequence determination
• Glycoproteomicanalysis
• Bioinformatictools
• 2D Gel-immunoblotting

Hands-on will be performed on samples provided by the trainees (limited number of samples, provided in September). If available, the reference pair of allergens (Tropomyosins) will be analyzed.


Hotel Suggestions

Near the train station (see map next page)
– Hotel Husa De La Couronne Liege. Address: Place Des Guillemins, 11, 4000 Liège | website
– Hotel Univers Hotel & Brasserie. Address : Rue des Guillemins,116, 4000 Liège | website

Further afield:
– Hotel Pentahotel Liège. Adress : Boulevard de la Sauvenière 100, 4000 Liège | website
– Amosa Hotel & Apartments Liège Center. Adress : Rue Saint Denis 4—6, 4000 Liège | website
– Hotel ibis Liège Centre Opéra. Address : Place de la République Francaise, 41 4000 – Liège | website

Call open from Tuesday August 29th – Thursday September 7th

Gabriel Mazzucchelli
Paola Roncada

For more information and application submission send an e-mail to:
Marloes.vanderwal@tno.nl, gabriel.mazzucchelli@ulg.ac.be and paola.roncada@guest.unimi.it