Working Groups

The main objective of the Action is to bring together scientists with a broad range of expertise (protein technology, gastro intestinal physiology, biochemistry, immunology, food processing, allergy, etc.) to discuss, with an out-of-the-box-view, new ideas and models to better predict the allergenicity of novel proteins. For the development of these new ideas the Action has to take into account the key events of food allergy. These key events are:

1.  Exposure including Ingestion (e.g. allergen concentration, condition of proteins (processing), contact with oral host cells)
2.  Digestion (e.g. allergen stability, digestive capacity of the host, matrix influences)
3.  Uptake (e.g. transport kinetics, barrier function and activation)
4.  Cellular events and development of the immune response (response of immune cells from innate immune system and adaptive immune system)
5.  Signs and symptoms (Biological & physiological response induced by mediators)

Since the key events comprise many different topics, it is necessary to join discussions within this multi-disciplinary group on four topics. Participants in the Action will will approach these topics via the following Working Groups:

Working Group 1: Physical/Chemical Properties of Proteins Impacting Allergenicity
Working Group 2: In Vitro Methods to Predict Sensitization
Working Group 3: In Vivo Methods to Predict Sensitization
Working Group 4: Risk Assessment and Dissemination

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